About Natya Kala Mandhir

Established in 1976 Natya Kala Mandhir was founded to achieve a single straightforward goal; that is to provide your child with the very best Bharatanatyam experience possible. Today, we stand to become one of the finest and Premier Bharatanatyam Dance Academy in Sri Lanka.

What We Do

We start with our youngest students and work our way up by cultivating an atmosphere that fosters self-confidence, ignites independence, and sparks creative thinking.

Whom We Serve

We seek families all over Colombo, Sri Lanka, and students globally, through online learning, and everyone who places a high value on mentorship, teamwork, and innovation are the types of individuals we strive to serve.

What Makes Us Different

  • At Natya Kala Mandhir, our very own original dance style, choreographies, and programs with techniques structured through traditional and pure Bharatanatyam elements have become our trademarks.
  • Our dynamic, exciting, and therapeutic dance lessons, exercises and performances are the results of putting our forty-plus years of experience to exceptional use.
  • We are here to make an impact and assist families in developing each child’s self-confidence and take them through a remarkable cultural journey. When we sign up for a new student, we are making a difference in someone’s life.